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A professional looking web design is important.
07-01-2011, 04:40 AM
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A professional looking web design is important.
When you are doing business online, the people that you want to come to your site, cannot physically see your products. So instead they do see the design of your website. You website then becomes the base of your online business. And as it is true in the real world it is true online. People judge a book by its cover.
It is important to show your visitors that you are professional and care about the quality of your design, i.e. your business. In the real world, you would want to show that you are professional and dressed for business. Similar is the case for websites. First impressions are vital in all aspects of our life, business life included.
Now if on the other side, you have a wonderfully done professional website design , you are telling your visitors that you cared enough to do it right and that you think details are important. You show a great sense of professionalism and that you are going to be around to do business.
You website is where you customers will go to purchase something from you. Make sure you have clear directions on the navigation of your website. The navigation menu should be simple and concise so that visitors know how to navigate around your website without confusion.
Reduce the number of images on your website. They make your site load very slowly and more often than not they are very unnecessary. If you think any image is essential on your site, make sure you optimize them using image editing programs so that they have a minimum file size. Make sure your website is cross-browser compatible. If your website looks great in Internet Explorer but works badly in Firefox and Opera, you will lose out on a lot of prospective visitors.
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07-01-2011, 12:45 PM
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RE: A professional looking web design is important.
thanks for the tut, very nice job. could be a little bit more attractive looking, but its useful for people needing a little extra help on how to boost site traffic. thanks for this.
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