What is Youhodler?

With Bitcoin’s impressive recent performance, Bitcoin platforms are enjoying more attention than ever before. Many consumers who may have never thought about investing in Bitcoin are now dabbling with a crypto lending platform.

Whether you fall into this category or already have experience with investing in cryptocurrency, learning about the advantages of new platforms is always worthwhile. After all, to be an effective investor, you need a thorough understanding of the best crypto websites.

That way, you can find the one that most closely suits your investment needs. One of these platforms is Youhodler, and it allows customers to take out loans using digital currency as collateral.

It also permits users to earn interest on their holdings. But is YouHodler right for you?

The answer to this question is dependent on a variety of different factors, including your expectations for a crypto platform. Here’s what you need to know about YouHodler so you can make an educated decision.

YouHodler is a Swiss FinTech platform that focuses primarily on providing users with crypto-backed lending options. That means you can capitalize on your crypto assets through investment loans while still HODLing. Check out YouHodler’s loan rates.

Instead of waiting patiently to sell when there are spikes in the market, you can borrow fiat funds in a matter of minutes using your crypto assets as collateral.

As a result, you never have to worry about a loan impacting your overall crypto portfolio. But the fantastic features don’t stop there.

The platform also permits you to convert crypto to fiat, crypto to crypto, and deal in stablecoins, too. In other words, YouHodler provides you with plenty of tantalizing options as a crypto enthusiast.

But which of these features proves most beneficial to customers? Users appreciate the ability to withdraw fiat to a personal credit card or bank account based on crypto holdings. A close second is the ability of users to keep their cryptos in a YouHodler savings account.

Think of the platform as a one-stop-bank for your crypto and fiat currency needs. It streamlines the process of dealing in multiple currencies, making transactions a cinch. It also makes transferring crypto assets easier than ever before.