About OKex

Founded in 2017, OKEx currently serves as the world’s largest cryptocurrency spot and derivatives exchange. It offers hundreds of tokens and futures trading pairs, providing a safe, reliable, and stable trading environment. Users can conduct their trades through OKEx’s web interface, mobile application, and server clusters.

OKEx is available in more than 200 countries and has more than 400 trading pairs to offer. They have more than 20 million traders access the platform. OKEx is also one of the top digital asset exchanges in terms of its trading volume. Its Bitcoin futures trade registers nearly 1.5 billion US dollars of trading volume daily.

OKEx Crypto Service

Using OKEx, you can convert more than 30 local currencies in BTC, ETH, or USDT. Among popular payment methods, OKEx accepts Visa and Mastercard along with several other convenient payment methods.

Leveraging OKEx’s trading service, you can work with a variety of instruments such as spot, margin, DEX, perpetual, futures, and options. In addition to trading services, OKEx also offers an opportunity to earn interest on your idle holdings, or you can choose to borrow funds collateralizing your holdings. To ensure that the users get to leverage their services well, OKEx offers a host of tools for crypto mining and wallet management. OKEx also runs an academy helping people to sharpen their trading skills and learn from the experts.

OKEx Trading Procedure

To start trading on OKEx, you first need to sign up on an OKEx account with your mail id or phone number. You can claim up to $80 for being a new user after you start buying, depositing, and trading crypto on OKEx. Once you have verified your email id or mobile number, the platform will create an account for you. You can see the details regarding your account settings in the overview section. The settings pertain to your security features, verification, preferences, fee level, withdrawal limits, etc. While account verification is not mandatory for deposit and trade services, withdrawal limits remain capped until you complete the KYC.

The intuitively designed buy/sell crypto gateway allows you to buy nine different crypto assets, including BTC, ETH, and, USDT and a host of local fiat currencies. It also supports peer-to-peer and block-trading.

To trade using OKEx, you need to transfer your crypto assets from your funding account to the spot account. Once you have transferred funds, you can pick the pair you like. To execute a spot market trade, you need to decide on a price, enter it into the “Price” field followed by the “Amount” you wish to buy. Once it shows the “Total” figure, click on Buy to submit your order, provided you have enough funds in your Spot Trading account.