Ledn Savings Interest Rates

Earn up to 9.25% APY. Compare Ledn savings accounts to maximise your earnings.

How do I deposit on Ledn?

If the user passes the KYC procedure, he will be able to open a savings account on Ledn without any problems. To start with, you should click on the “Deposit” panel. This button to open a savings account can be found on the platformi pages “BTC Savings” or “USDC Savings”.

How does Ledn interest work?

To understand how Ledn interest works, you need to understand how Ledn earns. The platform profits on bitcoins and USDC.  These currencies are lent to the main borrower. With its loans, the company can earn interest on USDC. These loans are secured by bitcoins directly from the platform’s vault at a 2:1 ratio.

To learn more about how the service works, go to the Ledn Review page.