What is Ledn?

Bitcoin has already become the largest and most popular decentralized cryptocurrency worldwide since 2009. Cryptocurrency lending has become a popular practice among cryptocurrency traders and investors alike. There are many reasons to lend cryptocurrency. The rise of cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin, has also contributed to the creation of several new financial services, including Ledn. So, what’s so special about the Ledn platform?

We invite you to take a look at Ledn and find out what kind of opportunities it opens up to customers.

About Ledn

The company has built a solid reputation for its focus on privacy, security, and Bitcoin. A world-class financial service based in Toronto, Ledn enhances the capabilities of HODLers

A HODLer may want to use their crypto assets as collateral to access short-term capital without having to sell their coins. A trader focused on short-term market movements can use credits to add leverage to their trading positions. In addition, the Ledn platform allows for a savings account, users can earn compound interest at an annual percentage rate (APR) of 3.6 percent. Other services are also available.

All interest is earned in bitcoins. Payment is received into the account at the end of the month. Learn more about the platform in the Ledn review How it works.