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What Is a Crypto Savings Account?

A savings account enables you to earn APY (annual percentage yield) on your cryptoassets. As long as you keep them in the account, they grow.

Are Crypto Saving Accounts Safe?

Crypto platforms are not created equal. Bitforums recommends only licensed companies compliant with industry regulations.

How Long to Keep Crypto in a Savings Account?

Most platforms let you withdraw at any time — the longer your crypto stays in the account, the more you earn.

What Is a Crypto Loan?

A crypto loan lets you borrow crypto or fiat online using crypto as collateral. Upon full repayment, you get your collateral back.

How to Get a Crypto Loan?

Deposit crypto to your verified account on a lending platform and select conditions, including the amount, loan-to-value ratio, and term. Get your loan in seconds.

What Documents Do I Need?

Crypto loans do not require additional documents from users with verified accounts. Credit checks are not conducted as loans are collateralized.

What Is a Crypto Card?

This is a credit or debit card for crypto that typically supports instant conversion to fiat, fiat withdrawals, and payments for goods and services. Other benefits vary.

Where to Get a Crypto Card?

Crypto cards are issued by crypto platforms. You can apply for a card after verifying your account. Most cards are linked to a crypto wallet and app.

Should I Get a Crypto Card?

These cards are handy for regular crypto users. You can pay at outlets  accepting Visa and MasterCard, withdraw fiat at ATMs, earn rewards, and more.

What Is a Crypto Exchange?

On a crypto exchange platform, users can swap assets for crypto or fiat in a few clicks. Bitforums finds the most attractive conditions to help you profit from market trends.

How Do I Register at a Crypto Exchange?

All platforms reviewed on Bitforums have KYC procedures. After creating an account, you will be asked to verify your identity. Once the check is complete, you can deposit your assets and use the exchange.

What Cryptoassets Are Available?

Exchanges mostly feature assets with a high market cap, as these are the most popular and liquid. If you intend to buy relatively obscure crypto, make sure it is available.


Our mission is to help you navigate the world of crypto. Bitforums compares products and services on crypto platforms, so you can find optimal uses for your assets.

Our analysis covers:

  • 16 platforms, including Binance, Nexo, and CoinLoan
  • 280 assets, from BTC and ETH to fairly rare coins and tokens
  • 12 types of savings accounts
  • 7 types of crypto loans
  • 17 types of crypto cards
  • 24 crypto exchanges